Online Roulette

Online Casino Time

So your in the mood for playing some casino roulette, however you don't want to go to a casino or there is no casino in close distance, then its time to head to an online gaming site to satisfy your craving.


Roulette is a really easy game to play and takes a lot of "Luck" to win, however there are many ways that you can win at the game, here are a few to try next time your online and playing roulette.


First, always split the zero's if your playing a double zero(American system) or just the one zero, make sure to cover those zero's. Next chips you want to place are on the 1-12, 2-12, 3-12, chose 2 of the three combos, a good piece of advice is look at the previous spins and see where it has been hitting the most to help with your placing.


Now, the next set of chips you can place are on the (Odd/Even)(Black/Red) this also will allow you to cover the most numbers. So now let's take a look at this setup in action


You start with $1 chips:

Split the zero's: $1 Next take the 1-12/2-12 ($2) Then take black ($1) And lastly chose (Even) $1 This is your $5min bet.

**This is a common setup for new beginners, trying to win at roulette is to set their chips like the above sample, however you can set your chips where you would like, the more places you cover the less you can loose, while the less spaces you cover the more you can win, but do have a higher chance at loosing.


Another good tool for doing online roulette is to watch a few spins before you start to bet, this will allow you to identify any ball bias that may setup on the wheel, giving you another chance to have a slight edge.